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Anita Peghini-Räber, Owner

“My interest lies in expressing raw emotions, and I use shapes and colors as I please to balance my composition. I am a plein-air painter catching “the moment” in the open space; I attempt to capture even the unseen, such as the breeze in the air. I do the same thing in my studio with my model. I observe the emotional connection between the figure and myself, and I notice seasonal colors reflected on the skin playing off cool and warm pixels. I use anything meaningful in order to splash color on the canvas while hinting at several possibilities which leaves freedom for wide open interpretation. I believe in “Don’t fence me in!” Therefore; I would never freeze frame a living object. It, too, deserves to escape. While being aggressive in my paint application, and in the directional dark lines reflecting our time in the here and now, I am hinting at the complexity of an object. There is never black or white. The full spectrum of gray shades lies in between. I enjoy seeing the viewer pause in our hectic world and fuse with that moment of timelessness. As an effect, he/she enjoys and reflects….Isn’t thinking a sport that needs to be revived?I express the full power of color and feeling. This is combined with directional, aggressive, and quick paint strokes. They reflect our highly energetic life. My joy is focused on sharing a collective awareness, which is taught by nature and untold stories of the present.”

“De gustibus non est disputandum”

We should mention that her artwork is exhibited in selected international exhibitions and fairs. For example, we could find her art in the last years in places such as Javits Center NYC and her newest exhibit at CAC Picasso Museum, Exposicion De Arte International, Mijas Pueblo Malaga where 7 of Anita’s paintings where selected to be on exhibit February 20 to March 19 2015.